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Livelihoods grew ten-fold in the last twelve years and will keep growing in the future to keep-up with the pace of demand for socially and environmentally impactful projects.
Livelihoods Venture manages two types of impact funds (carbon & sustainable sourcing) that have in common to support rural communities in reconciling a sustainable use of natural resources and a tangible improvement of their livelihoods, in the long run. With each project, connected to tens of thousands of people over up to 20 years and implemented by outstanding, local organizations in the field. We have been designing and implementing carbon and sustainable sourcing projects in developed and developing economies, leveraging public finance to enhance sustainable coalitions between corporates, brands, local suppliers, and NGOs. Our Funds are developing to generate more impact on people’s livelihoods, soil, water & carbon.

Définition de poste

As a Carbon Impact Manager, you will play a pivotal role with Project Managers in the design and implementation of impactful projects around the globe from a carbon modelling, quantification and certification angle.

The successful candidates will more particularly work on the following scope:

In close collaboration with Project Managers, you will be leading all carbon-related matters from early, pre-feasibility modelling to offset issuances.

  • On early stage: you will run pre-feasibility calculation, underlining the variables, risks and opportunities to better inform the project design work.
  • On advanced leads: during the final work towards investment approval you narrow the modelling to the smallest possible range, spot potential improvement and risks, and propose key operational and certification choices for future issuances.
  • On projects under implementation, you will set-up and manage the MRV plan, offset issuances and relationships with relevant stakeholders (external consultants, Designated Operational Entities (DOE), carbon standards like Verra or Gold Standard).

Carbon practice management:

  • You will stay up to date with ever-evolving standards and methodologies and navigate these ups and downs proactively in the interest of projects.
  • You will grow and nurture a healthy and diversified network of technical experts who will be happy to support your work when needed, wherever (e.g. on a new type of soil-carbon farming, on a new methodology, to conduct a physical inventory in a remote place etc.).
  • You will also grow and nurture productive working relationships with the major standards’ key stakeholders.


  • You will undertake competitive intelligence on new trends on methodologies, standards, monitoring techniques, GIS and the science behind it.
  • You will make sure we are at the very least following the sector’s best practices and strive to give the company a competitive edge.


  • You will build capacity inside the Livelihoods team and provide mentoring and training on carbon matters.
  • You will feed the company’s internal strategic thinking with your carbon-related (and any other) insight and team-up with your colleagues on organizational or strategic initiatives.


  • Higher education degree eq. Msc. Field of study preferably in forestry or agronomy but, really, experience and mindset matter more.
  • 3+ years of proven track-record and relevant experience.
  • Having worked in a variety of cultural contexts is a serious plus.
  • English spoken and written with ease, as the working language.
  • Good command of other languages relevant for the Fund is a plus (Spanish, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia, Hindi etc.).
  • Functional oral French or strong drive to learn it is a plus.

Hard skills:

  • Strong field experience. You do not just believe in allometric equations and spreadsheets but also in field work, interactions with farmers and communities.
  • You are an experienced professional with a proven track record in dealing with carbon projects and methodologies.
  • You are well-versed in GIS tools and systems.
  • You have both modelled carbon work sitting at a desk and confronted the desk work with field reality.

Soft skills:

  • Ownership: With an entrepreneurial spirit, you are passionate about your job, uphold the highest standards of environmental, ethical and social integrity and take full responsibility for the quality of your work.
  • Result-oriented: Be able to adapt to changing situations and have a mitigative action plan to deliver on objectives.
  • Change-embracing: Be open to- and keep a curious eye on- innovation, climate initiatives, regulatory environment, and debates in a fast-evolving policy context; willingness to learn.
  • Multi-tasker: Prioritize, deal with pressure, keep track of the progress of several tasks simultaneously and be ready to rearrange priorities in response to new information.
  • Intercultural skills: able to collaborate with and adapt to multi-cultural working environment and with our international project partners.
  • Remote-working-proof: ability to self-start, work efficiently, create relationships, work in teams despite long distance and time-difference.


  • The positions may be based at the HQs in Paris, France, the European Union or, for outstanding candidates, in Asia, Africa or Asia. 
  • The company offers the option to work from home for up to 60%
  • Some travel around the globe
Pour faciliter la lecture, l’emploi du masculin est utilisé. Les postes sont ouverts à toutes et tous.
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