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LINK is one of Europe's leading providers within mobile communications, specializing in CPaaS, mobile messaging services, and mobile solutions. You're probably already familiar with us: we're the technology behind the messages you receive as an SMS from an airline
LINK Mobility Group lives by the core values of United, Dedicated, and Enthusiastic to drive our business and people. LINKers appreciate diversity, cross-border collaboration, and solving complex challenges in a high-growth environment. Our people are knowledgeable, curious, and agile team players who strive to consistently deliver the best mobile messaging solutions for our customers.
The Group headquarters is in Oslo, Norway, and LINK is publicly listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. We continue to experience strong organic growth with a high degree of recurring revenue as customers move more business activities onto mobile platforms. In 2020, LINK Mobility had a total turnover of 3.5 billion NOK with offices in 18 different countries.

Définition de poste

As the Sustainability Specialist, you will have responsibility for building, executing, and monitoring LINK Mobility’s environmental strategy and overall engagement on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Climate action and environmental responsibility are important focus areas for LINK’s employees, customers, and shareholders, and we believe in the potential for stewardship to drive value for all stakeholders.
This position will be central to our Group strategy and coordinating efforts in our 19 local markets and will report to Group VP Legal & Compliance.

• Initiate and drive projects required to implement LINK’s desired measures in ESG and CSR 
• Coordinate reporting and serve as a central company resource on sustainability factors, objectives, and opportunities as they relate to ESG and CSR 
• Monitor and track the status of sustainability projects taking place company-wide including 19 local markets 
• Prepare and present regular updates on LINK’s sustainability efforts and impact for internal and external stakeholders including Group leadership, Board of Directors, investors, and the media 
• Provide expert guidance to maximize employee engagement around environmental measures and decisions 
• Contribute to the Annual Report and other documentation where LINK’s sustainability initiatives are communicated 
• Stay updated on relevant regulations, news, and trends in our industry and worldwide 


Work Experience
• 2-5 years of sustainability implementation within industry or from a consultancy 
• Experienced sustainability strategist with a business mindset 
• Knowledge of common sustainability standards, determining materiality in terms of metrics and topics, and experience with reporting standards  and ESG ratings 
• Proven track record in developing, implementing sustainability strategies, and setting up and delivering reporting framework, ideally with an international scope 

Skills & Abilities Required
• Communication and behavioral design skills 
• Ability to create enthusiasm among coworkers and leadership 
• Integrity to speak up when required while also remaining calm in demanding situations?
• Passion for People, Planet, and Profit 

•  A dynamic, international work environment with growth opportunities supporting personal and professional development. 


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