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Soil Capital is a technology-driven agronomy business with international experience since 2013 designing and executing farm transition strategies to regenerate soil health while delivering superior profitability. Over the last two years, we have developed a unique decision-support and reward platform for regenerative transitions, called mySoilCapital. It enables farmers to monetise their carbon and compare their costs through the production of a certified report of a farm’s agronomic, economic and GHG performance. After a first sales cycle with French and Belgian farmers as well as food and farming businesses ranging from supermarkets to farmer cooperatives, we are now preparing for significant growth and development.

Définition de poste

Soil Capital is looking for an experienced, hands-on, highly driven individual that shares our enthusiasm for regenerative agriculture and its climate change mitigation possibilities. You will help us unlock the potential of farming enterprises to produce healthy food, living soils, clean air and abundant biodiversity while improving farm profitability at the same time.

Roles & Responsibilities :
In this role, you will work in close collaboration with our sales, operations and product teams to manage Soil Capital Carbon, the first certified, multi-national carbon payment programme for farmers in Europe. You will play the central role in ensuring that our established carbon programme evolves to maintain its leadership status while also leading its expansion into new markets. You will have the following responsibilities:

  • Overall accountability for the successful planning, execution, development, monitoring and quality control of all technical aspects of Soil Capital Carbon 
  • Ensuring that Soil Capital Carbon maintains the most appropriate certification(s)
  • Devising and delivering appropriate training and support such that Soil Capital’s internal teams and external partners support farmers in the delivery of Soil Capital Carbon to outstanding levels of quality
  • Ensuring that Soil Capital enjoys highly effective relationships with relevant scientific, technology and public sector partners necessary to maintain Soil Capital Carbon as a market leading carbon payment programme
  • Generating high quality leads with corporates interested in purchasing certificates generated through the programme


  • Proven ability to develop projects for the voluntary carbon markets – sale of credits to corporates a plus
  • Thrive delivering complex programmes, both individually and through others
  • Flawless attention to detail
  • Capable of balancing the need for technical rigour with the practical reality of farming – leadership of technical exercises such as model calibration a plus
  • Excellent communication skills in French and English, other European languages a plus
  • Critical thinker and problem solver
  • Strong interpersonal skills, building collaborative relationships in high-stakes contexts
  • Deeply motivated by an entrepreneurial approach to scaling regenerative agriculture
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