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Sucden’s sustainability objectives are rooted in three pillars: we seek to support farming families, safeguard the planet, and provide trustworthy cocoa.

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Sucres et Denrées/General Cocoa:
Sucres et Denrées (SUCDEN) is an independent soft commodities trader, based in Paris. Over the last few years, SUCDEN has grown its presence in the cocoa market and is now one of the world’s largest cocoa traders. SUCDEN also operates a fully owned subsidiary in New York, General Cocoa.
General Cocoa has provided the company with a strong marketing arm in North America as well as global sourcing in Latin America and product trading capabilities.

Définition de poste

Sucden’s Sustainability’s Objectives:
Sucden’s sustainability objectives are rooted in three pillars: we seek to support farming families, safeguard the planet, and provide trustworthy cocoa. In practice “trustworthy cocoa” means that our clients must have trust that the cocoa that Sucden sells them will meet the growing legal requirements for imports, as well as the social and environmental requirements of other stakeholders.
Sucden has as objective to harmonize its approach to collecting, validating, and analyzing data for clients and other stakeholders. We are therefore looking for a Monitoring and Evaluation Manager to support us:

  • To create a system to consolidate and validate all data provided to internal and external stakeholders
  • To develop and evaluate a framework  for SUCDEN’s monitoring and evaluation activities

It is our intention that this role help SUCDEN’s sustainability programs, in West Africa and Latin America, to meet our client’s milestones and objectives and generate on-the-ground impact for farmers and their communities.
Given the intentions above, SUCDEN is seeking an individual to operate as a full-time Monitoring and Evaluation Manager.
The position’s location is currently flexible.
Responsibilities and Tasks:

  • Setting a strategy for the validation, consolidation, and revision of data provided by our origin teams and implementing partners for client reports and reports for stakeholders (e.g. CFI, Annual Responsibility report, reports for green loans)
    • Including support to origin teams to build systems for data collection and analysis  
  • Designing a monitoring and evaluation framework and system for Sucden Cocoa’s global sustainability team  
  • Building dashboards and tools for internal program management and external (client-based) reporting
  • Conducting periodic capacity assessments on existing M&E and Learning systems
  • Supporting the drafting reports for internal and external stakeholders, including powerpoint presentations, narrative reports, etc.
  • Other tasks, as needed.

Desired Skills and Personal Attributes:

  • Analytical and reporting skills:
    • Understanding of how data is collected, analyzed and interpreted in rural settings  
    • Ability to manage and analyze complex databases
    • Ability to anticipate issues and engage with origin-based teams to deliver multiple reports within prescribed and tight timeframes
    • Ability to understand reporting requirements (current and future)
    • Ability to extract, interpret and synthetize relevant information in an intelligible manner for narrative reports and PowerPoint presentations
  • Ability to follow-up on progress against timeline, anticipate and raise identified challenges in a timely manner, and put forward improvement solutions
  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy
  • Well organized, able to self-direct and prioritize tasks and handle competing priorities and deadlines
  • Flexibility, ability to work in a fast-paced environment. High energy and dynamism are a necessity.
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Languages: oral and written fluency in French and English, with knowledge of Spanish as a plus
  • Ability to travel to origins, if needed.

Desired Education Qualifications and Experience:

  • A Bachelor’s degree or higher degree in development economics, statistics, data science, process control, management, rural development, environmental management or related fields or
  • At least five years’ experience in Monitoring & Evaluation, data analysis and reporting, preferably in the agri-business sector and sustainability area
  • Proficient with all Microsoft Office programs, especially Excel
  • Experience in using data analysis and data visualization tools like Power Bi is highly desired
  • High level of knowledge of statistics


  • Reports directly to Sucden Cocoa’s Program Manager
  • Liaises with Sucden’s Cocoa’s Sustainability Director and origin-based M&E Managers
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