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Act for Human Progress by protecting what matters

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Paris, Île-de-France, France

Notre client

European leader in the finance sector, based in more than 50 countries worldwide, AXA is searching its new Global Head of Climate and Biodiversity Engagement.
Both as an insurer, as investor and as a role model company, AXA is a recognized leader in sustainability, ESG and Climate engagement. “Sustain our Climate leadership” is one of the 5 pillars of the group’s strategic plan “Driving Progress 2023”.

Définition de poste

The position is integrated within the Group Sustainability Team, which works to support the Group’s long-term strategy and mission to protect by leveraging the Group’s risk expertise to build a stronger and safer society. In line with their Purpose “Act for Human Progress by protecting what matters”, they develop AXA sustainability strategy, in close link with all Group’s professional families to integrate social and environmental issues into the whole value chain in 54 countries.

Description of the position:

Within the Sustainability Department, the Head of Climate and Biodiversity Engagement will be responsible, in liaison with the relevant professional families at group level (investment, risk management, public affairs, strategy…) and/or with local entities across the globe, for the following:

  • Elaborate and propose AXA’s Climate and Biodiversity strategy: carry out a permanent watch on Climate and biodiversity topics (civil society, scientific research, public opinion, regulation…), share this knowledge with the other business expertises, build a relevant and innovative strategy for the whole group and update it regularly, propose and negotiate this strategy and action plan in the different bodies of governances, drive the implementation within all AXA’s activities (investment and insurance mainly).
  • Lead and coordinate climate and biodiversity related policies and innovations: support professional families and local entities in developing impactful initiatives and transform their way to operate facing climate and biodiversity issues; ensure the relevance and the consistency of all the business opportunities but also restrictions and business exclusions in investment and insurance with a specific focus on energy sectors, ecosystem protection and social impact of transition. Seize partnership opportunities to accompany the efforts.
  • Monitor and report on AXA’s achievement with relevant key messages and data: bold position but also robust methodology and metrics are key to communicate about AXA’s progress on Climate and Biodiversity, with a high level of requested transparency. The Head of Climate and Biodiversity Engagement leads the annual Climate report based both on legal requirement and voluntary approach. He/She also reports AXA’s achievement on Climate and Biodiversity in a dozen of extra-financial ratings (CDP, DJSI …), their universal registration document and ad hoc questionnaires from investors, medias and ONG. He/She manages the relationships with ONG and ensure a regular dialog with all stakeholders on these topics.

Alongside with the top management and other professional families, the Head of Climate and Biodiversity engagement takes part in sectorial or cross sectorial coalitions to redefine the standards for the whole industry (Net Zero alliances, UN-PSI/PRI, TCFD, TNFD, EPE…)

Key objectives for the Department include:

  • Supporting AXA’s status as a trustworthy brand and responsible corporate citizen through leadership on the full range of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues, embedding ESG into core business processes
  • Reinforcing AXA’s understanding of key environmental, social, and ethical trends in society, helping to envision the role of insurance in society in the future, and informing the work of all professional families.
  • Engaging and collaborating with internal and external stakeholders from civil society on issues of strategic importance to AXA’s business


  • Experience and technical requirements
    • 7-10 years of professional life (ideally in finance/insurance sector) with a recognized Climate/Biodiversity/ESG expertise – experience acquired in public sector or in NGO will also be considered
    • Fluent French and English, both written and spoken


  • Behavioral skills and competence
    • Dynamic, pro-active, forward-looking mindset and highly involved in our team
    • Highly strategic and analytical problem solver
    • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, good team player; capacity to federate – change management
    • Strong organizational skills to monitor multiple and transversal projects in parallel;

Location : Puteaux – France

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